Controlled Since Birth

12 – 15 min read. Let’s talk about sex baby let’s talk about you and me let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things, yeah baby. “…to be honest I didn’t have sex until I was 21 and I just wanted to wait to find someone that I connected with, I didn’t have to be in love or you know be in a relationship or be married or anything like that I just wanted to have a connection… so I waited until I found that” – Addison If you talking to me, we going deep in some



8 – 10 minute read. (all quotes in this article are snatched from Andrea Dworkin) “Woman is not born: she is made. In the making, her humanity is destroyed. She becomes symbol of this, symbol of that: mother of the earth, slut of the universe; but she never becomes herself because it is forbidden for her to do so.” Healthy sexual expression brings me joy, because I felt sexually censored or shamed most of my life. I almost worked in the sex industry twice– not for sexual expression but for money. I was shamed for saying so, and now I


Bare It All

Based on a quick scan of my timeline, I KNOW everyone is feeling all these heavy energies going on in our universe. Planets moving shit around and changing directions. It feels heavy.  As above, so below. I embrace change, but if I had to get to the spectrum of change… sudden changes are annoying little shits. They put me off, but each time I conquer sudden changes with more compassion, I feel prepared for the next challenge. BRING IT ON! I am in the habit of feeling, very committed to living simply, and eagerly moving in compassion instead of shame.

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Misguided Consent

9 – 12 minute read. I contribute to this blog with mostly my past experience to share, not as a sex, family, relationship, or mental health therapist (yet!). I have sex education experience from the Air Force. I was a Public Health technician, performing many duties. I was part of the  Communicable disease department. I interviewed and educated patients that tested positive for sexually transmitted diseases, I reported diseases to the city, retrieved a list of their sexual contacts and ensured they took their medication properly. If consent was broken in some way, I legally had to report it. Part


Pussy Power!

8 – 10 minute read. PUSSY POWER IS YONI KNOWLEDGE. Our society has not fully bloomed with being comfortable in sexual liberation, so some concepts slide under the radar. The female anatomy has been looked over many times, on many different occasions, leaving some organs neglected, without enough medical studies. My experience in the last month with a Bartholin cyst (a condition lacking western medicine medical studies) has motivated me to make space for more pussy power in 2019. Yoni, simply put,  is known as the womb and the female organs. So, how can we (Us, goddesses’) have maximum pussy


All Mystic & Shit

Late at night when all the night owls are peaking, I like to read and expand my knowledge on astrology and more recently (nearly 2 years), I’ve studied tarot while reflecting back on my own mystical experiences. Crystal, a an old friend of mine with mystic energy… would answer every question I had about magic and tarot. I started to study on my own.  I kept a lot of what I was learning to myself, because I feared being judged harshly and in the same light …myself judging others too quickly. Following my own spiritual path has led me to


Sexual Self-Care for Depression

I started masturbating at a really young age, 4 years old (something like that). I didn’t feel bad for doing it until my babysitter caught me, making me feel uncomfortable because she seemed disturbed. When my mom picked me up that day, she didn’t make me feel bad about it, but we also did not speak on it. I self soothed often as a child. The therapist I saw a few years ago said I was easing my childhood anxiety. Speaking to other women and doing some of my own research on sexual development and exploration, it is more common