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New Magic Wand Energy

Has anyone in Los Angeles been to Wi Spa in Koreatown? After 5 days at Lightning in a bottle, my friend suggested we go to this place to cleanse. We spent 7 hours there. It was nothing of what I expected. 7 hours of eating, sleeping, reading, a variety of saunas(salt, clay, ice, jade stone, etc.), lounging, jacuzzis, and open showers. I went to the open seated shower section. The seated shower section had a huge mirror in front of me. It allowed me to access so much attention to myself while i bathed, it was healing. Myself and two


Triggers to Turn-Ons

There is something mystical happening to me and I am fully aware, witnessing the pieces of life around me decay and other parts bloom. My seeds are starting to penetrate the dirt. My love is becoming deeper, wider… more succulent, more luscious, more unconditional. I accept all of me and so I accept all of you. Lightning in a bottle provided me so many experiences to explore myself and all my reflections. I intentionally took classes that spoke to what needs healing in me. I want relationships full of love and freedom. When I really want something, I make it


High Heels Healing

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7-9 minute read. “Violence against women does not just affect women. Men are hurt and angered when women they care about are raped. Men are hurt and angered when they try to develop relationships with women in an atmosphere of fear, mistrust and blame. And the same violence that targets women also targets men because rape isn’t about sex, it’s about power, control and violence.” -Frank Baird, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, Founder At this stage of my sexual healing… prayer before you enter any part of me (LOL, but i’m serious af). Sexual energy is real! Not only


The Play Party

10-12 minute read. If I casually mention that I am going to a sex party… I see a range of people being disgusted, intrigued, worried or harshly judging with loud ass whispers. Quiet up! I don’t care and you shouldn’t either. This is the same society of people that banishes certain humans for breathing, a society that frowned upon alcohol at one point, called everyone that smoked weed a waste of life, shames the porn industry while stuck watching it at 2am in the morning when the kids are sleeping… or while your husband is away. Life’s an experience to


Crystal Power Pt. 3

Less reading and more listening in this week’s blog. This is the final part of the crystal healing series(for now). The last jade egg session with Heather was all about mental preparation for the actual practice being expressed today. Meeting again with her on February 12, 2019… she warned me about trauma, toxic thought patterns, information, and a variety of emotions randomly creepin up(to be released) after purging. Heather reminded me to continuously show love and compassion towards anything negative that may arise as I move through this next cycle of healing. To the people in my life, standing next


Crystal Power, Pt. 2

Change is a process. In an instant gratification society, the patience it takes to witness change is unbearable for some. My courageous lovers, I urge you to have patience, give space, give compassion to yourself and others going through transformation. When I started this self healing journey(July 2017), I wanted to start at the root of my trauma so I can snatch it out. Why is this important to me? I am fully aware that I can not have a successful relationship with myself, anyone else, or my community if I do not take time to heal past wounds. There


Crystal Power, Pt. 1

“In a crystal we have the clear evidence of the existence of a formative-life principle and though we can not understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.  – Nicola Tesla (1900) Can I just say, sexual healing is SO MUCH FUN! It is many other things, but right now it is fun exploring methods to heal. I am continuously healing and purging and ready to have bigger conversations with people as I overcome each layer of trauma. Questions for me, from friends has sparked so much sexual awareness and freedom. The past full moon in


Make Love Not Porn.

3 – 5 minute read. This is not to promote porn and this is definitely not an advertisement, it is to promote more love and more real world sex. Pornography has evolved over time- from carved depictions on rocks to virtual reality experiences on your couch. I went to a play last month, Quills, telling the story of Marquis de Sade, a sexual freedom fighter locked up many times for his battle with society, living between his art and censorship, writing his sexual indulgences in very famous published stories. He coined the terms “sadism” and “sadomasochism”. Marquis has a huge


What’s Fappening?

Energy is important to me and how I am fascinated with outer space, in all its mystery. It’s a huge reminder of a higher power at play and proof that the mystical energy of outer space has major effects on how we operate with that energy here on earth. As above, so below. In saying that, currently, Mercury is in retrograde this Pisces season(Happy Birthday to you beautiful creative people!). The shadow side of the energy we are in collectively right now will easily allow you to plunge into addictions when dealing with pain. Addictions like masturbation, the topic we



*Spoiler Alert* “The strongest creature created by God in the world. Not the lion, not the elephant, not the tiger. The girl.” I got my period on my 12th birthday, 20 years ago. It was irregular at first, making an appearance every 3 months. By the time I was in high school, it became very regular, cleansing me every month. I had a sleepover that 12th birthday, and I don’t remember feeling embarrassed with my friends at all… but I didn’t know what to do. It was discussed in my family beforehand and I knew about sanitary napkins and tampons.