Controlled Since Birth


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Let’s talk about sex baby let’s talk about you and me let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things, yeah baby.

“…to be honest I didn’t have sex until I was 21 and I just wanted to wait to find someone that I connected with, I didn’t have to be in love or you know be in a relationship or be married or anything like that I just wanted to have a connection… so I waited until I found that” – Addison

If you talking to me, we going deep in some way. Gossiping about other people and the weather rarely makes an appearance, but your dreams will. My room is like a spaceship in the jungle. When you go through the house, walk down the hallway to my door, then you enter my room…  your whole energy changes, I witness it every time. It smells like Nag Champa incense with a dash of eucalyptus… or lavender from my oil diffuser. Friends and family will get comfortable and attach themselves to whatever object their soul is screaming for. Anyway, My friend Addison and I meet up about once a week. She makes the effort to visit me before she starts her shift at work. Addison comes into my room, sits on my bed, and pulls out her fun bag. I roll up and it begins, she starts to pour the happenings from the last week onto me, we both do. After some belly laughs and belly breathes, we begin zoning in on what she really wanted to say. I start the phone recorder and spark the j at the same time, starting the conversation on sex and controlled since birth. This goddess has been through surgery in the last year to remove several cysts and is actively finding holistic ways to keep her cysts from growing or coming back all together. We talk about a lot, a shit ton to be more accurate. I was intrigued with her experience on and off birth control, strengthening the notion of societal expectation and women being controlled since birth. We are bringing awareness to some intriguing facts about how birth control manipulates the body to respond in a more linear (masculine) way than our natural feminine cyclic manner. The use of birth control can potentially lead to other serious medical conditions like issues with bone density, loss of libido, liver challenges, and much more. Women taking birth control have experienced light, little, or no blood. When the blood stops, where does it go? Is it backed up like a plumbing system? More importantly, how can one have a sex positive lifestyle without manipulating the body? Addison tells me her story and I want to share some highlights from that conversation.

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Listening to the above clip, I would advise anyone taking birth control to check the long term effects it has on your body. In this case, with Addison, the Depo Provera shot, in the long run can cause bone density issues and should not be in the body for more than 2 1/2 years. Also, there are many side effects (just like any drug) when withdrawing from birthcontrol.

Birth control hormones for women, manipulates the body to act more linear than the more natural cyclic way women operate. There are many birth control methods on the market today (for men and women). If you are concerned with hormones messing with your natural flow, I suggest doing your research and testing control methods that work for you, the sexually active individual. Of course, abstinence from sex is 100% gaurenteed method for birth control.

If you are looking into birth control hormones, be aware at the doctors office. Ask the doctor or physician assistants questions about the different levels of hormones and request alternative methods other than hormone treatments. The doctor and you espcecially can get to know your medical history and start self evaluating what feels good for you and your body.

There are many advantages to taking birth control, but do weigh out the disadavantages. Besides the pill, condoms, shots, etc… the pull out method is listed as a method of birth control (with a very high percentage to still get pregnant). The pull out method will not protect you or your partner from sexually transmitted dieases or infections. Practice safe sex with condoms. They have many fun colors, flavors, textures to play with.

Our period is an emotional release and if you pay attention closely, you can receive spirital downloads… receiving information that allows you to be more in tuned with your capsule (body) and the world around you. I feel like super women, so pwoerful and aligned when my cycle is over. When you stop bleeding or become irregalar with your cycle, its known as withdrawl bleeding. When you do bleed while on the pill or another form of birth control, it is not the same blood as you bleed when you are menustating. The drop in hormones when you are using birth control causing the lining of your uterus to shed.

Article on bleeding on your period versus bleeding while on birth control:


A very sex positive, natural method for birth control is period tracking and knowing your body rythmn. This will take time, but worth the results and the connection you develop with your body and womb, while moving in a more confident manner. Tracking my cycle changed my life… tracking to the detail of knowing which foods to stay away from a week out from the start of my period. This helps with pain and cleansing.

My experience with birth control was very short lived. The reason I considered birth control at 20 years old was for painful periods. I didn’t like my body or the emotional changes and stopped after a few months. For most of my adulthood, I dated women and it was not a concern. Addison gave me more insight with her experience and I am thankful for that. If it is accessible to you, let us increase the feminine energy in this world so we can become fully human by going towards more natural methods of birth control. Thank you Addison for sharing your story and true expressions with me, thoroughly going into your history with birth control and your sex positive, natural lifestyle. Just a reminder, the most natural method for birth control with a sex positive lifestyle includes using condoms and cycle tracking. Until next week, may love and knowledge be with you.