Crystal Power, Pt. 1


“In a crystal we have the clear evidence of the existence of a formative-life principle and though we can not understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.  – Nicola Tesla (1900)

Can I just say, sexual healing is SO MUCH FUN! It is many other things, but right now it is fun exploring methods to heal. I am continuously healing and purging and ready to have bigger conversations with people as I overcome each layer of trauma. Questions for me, from friends has sparked so much sexual awareness and freedom. The past full moon in Libra illuminating intimate relationships, has me looking at everyone with a sus, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, squinted eye. Now, coming to the close of this month my eyes are wide open, clearing the fog to see my role in all my relationships. How am I showing up for them and for myself? Is it truly balanced? Am I happy in this relationship? Is there giving and receiving of some sort?  It needs work and I got the tools. Actively working on this part of my life provides more awareness of my interactions with people… then seeing how that is reflected back onto me (mirrors). I am writing this without my crystal rose quartz present, but love frequencies play softly in the background. I haven’t seen the rose quartz since kicking around the ball at the park in Dumbo. Whyyyyyyyy?! Where are my raw crystals New York?! On the subway or behind a bush somewhere. My earphones have also disappeared, do you FEEL ME now? It was less music, more conversations, and WAY MORE AWKward looks on the subway. Awkward on their end cause I would win the staring game when they looked away. It’s an intimate thing, I get it. Some countries (like China and Japan) find it rude and disrespectful. End rant, moving forward. Speaking of intimacy, if we desire to, how can we go to the next level of intimacy? How can we heal with crystals?

There are a crazy amount of products, chemicals, foods, and yoga practices on the market for sexual enhancement, pills to help boost libido, methods to influence love energy in your life(like this frequency I am playing now- link below), and some undergo surgery. I’m not suggesting for anyone stop any of these things or to judge (do your research and know your medical history- self care), but I am suggesting you to add some crystals to the mix and switch up the energy around you. Switching up the energy can change your thinking and your actions to be more aligned with what you need. If you are not trying anything at the moment, but desire something natural to help with your sexual aura, have an open mind and choose crystals. Working with crystals is not some overnight quickfix… it requires patience and consistency.


Crocoite – Libido Booster. Replenishes passion in bed and in life. Boosts sexual organ sensitivity. Infuses new life into your relationship. Improved erectile dysfunction. Boosts Fertility.

Rhodochrosite– Heals sexual abuse and fosters self love. Clears deep sexual trauma. Rebuilds a sense of self love and self worth. Helps you to see your role or part in a relationship.

Garnet– A magic *tantra(mantras, meditations, yoga) stone. Jumpstarts sexual appetite. Manifests sexual energy into creative energy (for all the nofappers out there)

Smokey Quartz– Grounds you into your physical body. Helps you to inhabit your animalistic, primal nature. Balances reproduction organs. Restores fluid flow.

Red Jasper – a passionate stone that increases physical stamina, prolongs sexual excitement, enhances tantric sex, and boosts vitality in men.

Orange Carnelian –  Enhances sexuality, balances energy levels, and revitalizes female organs.

Rose Quartz– a.k.a Love stone. Opens the heart to love and trust between partners. Guides to help self love and positively increases your overall love frequency.  


There are a few different ways to use crystal healing to help with all relationships, love, and sexual energy. First we must cleanse the crystals to clear the energy. There are a ridiculous amount of ways to do this. I like to keep it simple, but here are a few suggestions:

Rinse them in sea salt water while saying your purpose.

Place crystals in direct sunlight and saying your purpose.

Set crystals under a FULL moon and state your purpose. .

+ If you have more time… you can rinse your crystals in suncharged water or moonlight water – set a covered bowl or jar of water in the sunlight (all day) or moonlight (all night). You can pray or meditate with the water to set the purpose. The moonlight water can be used until the next full moon and the sun charged water is best to us within 24 hours.

After cleansing the crystals, set a goal or an intention for doing your healing practice… what part of your love, relationship (with self or other/s), or sexual journey are you trying to heal or vibrate higher on? Focus on that goal each time you work with the crystals listed above.  

A few ways to practice with crystal energy is by :

TAKING A BATH WITH YOUR CRYSTALS (inside the bath water).  



There are two other ways to raise your love frequency with crystals- inside your body, with a yoni egg and other smooth crystal wands. I am currently healing with a Jade stone yoni egg  and will be sharing my experience in the next two weeks. In energy medicine, Jade is known to heal, regenerate, and balance out the body. It is known to work well with the heart chakra (energy center in the middle of your chest). Working with Heather Rebecca Wilson privately with Yoni egg training has shifted me, scared me, and surprised me. I can not wait to share some of the details of our chats and revelations from those sessions. The wand that I have in a shopping cart from @chakrubs are said to be effective self soothing, self healing toys, but I have yet to try its power. More on wands later, and for now… maybe try one crystal or stone from above? Tell me how it works for you, I wanna know!

Much love and knowledge,