Crystal Power Pt. 3


Less reading and more listening in this week’s blog. This is the final part of the crystal healing series(for now). The last jade egg session with Heather was all about mental preparation for the actual practice being expressed today. Meeting again with her on February 12, 2019… she warned me about trauma, toxic thought patterns, information, and a variety of emotions randomly creepin up(to be released) after purging. Heather reminded me to continuously show love and compassion towards anything negative that may arise as I move through this next cycle of healing. To the people in my life, standing next to me, truly supporting me, witnessing me… I am grateful and I love you with all my heart.

Blessing the jade egg practice:

Starting the jade egg practice:

The real work:

The purge continues:


By the end of my session with Heather, I went through my entire life trauma in one sitting. I called out each pain(’cause being able to name the negative source is powerful), I poured pain into the earth, planted seeds, and grew flowers out of that shit. Let’s GO! Processing energy and emotions afterwards(even up to now) is nasty to me, but I find miracles in each change I heavily resist. Its not easy. Not only am I trying to process what the hell is happening to me since starting the jade egg practice in October 2018, but I also had to allow what was happening around me to happen. I flow with change, trying desperately not to question it. Instead I have tremendous faith that I am aligning with a higher part of myself, natually eliminating what is not neccessary. I am stretching the width and depth of love inside me by releasing old relationship patterns and toxic sexual energy(blog on this later). I realize more and more, loving me takes courage. See you next week!

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