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“Violence against women does not just affect women. Men are hurt and angered when women they care about are raped. Men are hurt and angered when they try to develop relationships with women in an atmosphere of fear, mistrust and blame. And the same violence that targets women also targets men because rape isn’t about sex, it’s about power, control and violence.”

Frank Baird, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, Founder

At this stage of my sexual healing… prayer before you enter any part of me (LOL, but i’m serious af). Sexual energy is real! Not only do you need to be in the right energy but I too must not splatter any of my old unhealthy patterns onto you. As above so below… inside out… and whatever whatever. Everything is everything. Sexual healing is not putting up walls, but it is flushing away old concepts, attachments, and negative energies… so that creating your own rules, making your own temple of pleasure, and sharing sacred space with someone else is fun and of pure intention. Do everything with intention. Sexual healing for me right now, is a huge self rediscovery of my needs, my self worth, my self love, and my desire for more intimate (non sexual) human connections. Sexual healing is freeing… it’s creative and there are entire communities fighting for sexual rights… for sexual freedoms, shedding light on massive darkness(rape, sexual assault, and gender violence) so we can all heal. Change is a process. Anger to action with active compassion has power.  

“We had a large, multi-ethnic, multi-aged, multi-sized cast each year and really brought Eve Ensler’s piece, THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES, to life for so many – for the women who played the characters, for the women in the audience, and for the men brave enough to broaden their understanding and appreciation of women’s relationships with their vaginas.”

Frank Baird, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, Founder

Power is when the collective starts to involve themselves with smaller voices being oppressed by systems embedded in the stitching of social and political culture to make a GIANT ROAR for change. Men around the world want to do their part in bringing awareness to rape, sexual assault, and gender violence by Walking a Mile in Her Shoes. Women aged 16-24 years old have the highest sexal assualt cases in the world. Men, women, and gender non-conforming of all ages are affected by sexual assault, but women aged 16-24 are most affected causing a range of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wounds. Wounds that has possible lifelong healing practices… leaving imprints on future generations… creating a cycle that can slightly alter a lineage. Zoning back on the present moment, the men’s march is making their presence known and speaking out against acts that violate human rights. It is healing to witness these men take action against injustice. It is healing to hear men speak out on the behalf of every person that has been violated by the inhumane pressures to conform to societal norms in this world. Men walking in heels reflects everyone that is poorly judged by what they choose to wear or not wear based on generations of SOLELY a HIM(blue) or HER(pink) perspective… generations of cultivating damaging social norms. Damaging because being yourself has always been a state of rebellion. No mo’!     


Sexual Assault and Rape

For a thorough definition to what SEXUAL ASSAULT & RAPE is please click link below:

Gender Violence

“It’s sometimes suggested that men need to talk with men about being men, that that’s how and where men define themselves. But we don’t live in the world alone. And talking just with men limits the possibilities of how we define and experience ourselves. I prefer to broaden the dialogue. Besides, just deciding among ourselves what being a man is doesn’t mean it’ll be easier to live with the results once we leave a weekend mens-only retreat and return home to relationships with our mothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends, daughters and other women. We co-create who we are in relationship.”

Frank Baird, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, Founder

For a thorough definition to what GENDER VIOLENCE is please click link below:

When people take action to group together and protest against violence for human rights, it is the loudest cry for change… for reform. I am so thankful for people involved with the mens march around the world- taking action and speaking out against rape, sexual assault, and gender violence. Visit the organization, if you are inspired to take action with them.

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