What’s Fappening?


Energy is important to me and how I am fascinated with outer space, in all its mystery. It’s a huge reminder of a higher power at play and proof that the mystical energy of outer space has major effects on how we operate with that energy here on earth. As above, so below. In saying that, currently, Mercury is in retrograde this Pisces season(Happy Birthday to you beautiful creative people!). The shadow side of the energy we are in collectively right now will easily allow you to plunge into addictions when dealing with pain. Addictions like masturbation, the topic we are discussing today. This makes for a great time to slow down, to go within, however that may look and find what we are trying to emotionally hide from. My plan is to face that emotion and create a plan to evolve it or slow down and feel how it affects me. Staying on the topic of addictions, with a concentration on masturbation and the “No PMO (Porn, Masturbation, and Orgasm)” community… how can we apply the same concept to create more power with sexual energy in all we do? One way to help cultivate and enhance your own energy is by going into a No FAP practice. Fapping(also known as masturbation) is the sound made with skin to skin contact while masturbating. Fapping is a very easy escape for everyone, ranging on an extremely long fukcin list of reasons. The no fap movement has been made into an entire culture of individuals that are heavily surrounded by no PMO, each with their own rules of engagement. These individuals are trading cheap dopamine rushes for a no FAP lifestyle in order to use their sexual energy to power creative projects, authentic connections with other people, and to have higher spiritual experiences.

Here is a witty and funny article, History of Fapping:

Circling back to the first blog post I did, in September, on “Sexual Self Care for Depression”, I praise masturbation(as a method of sexual self care and healing) having major benefits for men and women when dealing with depression, including my own experience. But what about when you are not occasionally depressed? How often do you depend on masturbatation to avoid real emotions, avoiding goals or connections with other people? How often do you self soothe as my therapist would put it? Do you masturbate weekly? Daily? Why? Why is it that when we get sexually charged, the first action we desire is to release the sexual energy? For me – well, it’s complicated and conditionally layered in me since 3 years old. Layers of trauma to self soothe- masturbating being one of my first and most natural ways to divert real emotions. Currently, I work more on control and restraint… monitoring habits and balancing by indulging in other desires- not sexually related. For others it’s an addiction as simple as having access to sex at their fingertips. Now let us circle back(again), to another article, STRIPPED, I mention Andrea Dworkin and her views on pornography flooding all aspects of society. Her theories swim in our world today, bringing forth communities like NO FAP. The no FAP challenge is helping to balance a widespread concern around the loss of human connection and interaction because of the increase of a PMO society, diving deeper into our instant gratification mentality. No FAP is attempting to replenish positive sexual energy decreasing the negative sexual energy created with PMO. The no FAP culture has encouraged me to believe that if we eliminate or limit online sex pools, masturbation rates would be lower because society would have a more realistic perspective on sex. I theorize masturbation rates being at a healthy rate because we would naturally own our sexual energy in ways to help with human evolution. The no FAP community of men(mostly) and women that have in some way minimized or eliminated porn and masturbation from their lifestyle in order to have more authentic relationships and connections with the nature around them. Slowly no fapping is dumping the digital mindset in the sex industry and hugging a more real experience.

A Cultural Perspective:

A big question in the FAP arena is if women can benefit from not fapping. The idea around no fapping is that men are saving their seed- life force energy released when they cum. Essentially, they are holding on to the sexual energy to put seeds into other areas of life. When men cum it takes so much energy and some women experience the same type of lack. Being aware of who you share sexual energy with can be the difference between being active and creative or feeling dragged down and tired. Women have a huge release of energy when masturbating or having sex, sometimes multiple times, so no fapping would be a major benefit for owning your sexual energy and for women to ALSO use that energy to give life to other things. There are plenty of beneficial reasons to stop fapping, there are also reasons to FAP. Reasons to no FAP include but are not limited to, and simply put: for a spiritual path or personal challenge to be more authentic with sex. I am extending the challenge out to you sexual beings, create your own rules and guidelines with a no FAP lifestyle. It can be as little as a week or a month is what most people are trying. Note the difference and witness where you put your energy. Witness how you relate to people. The pisces season will have you all in your feelings so rise above and seek higher consciousness. I challenge you, as I challenge myself.

@AAHANA, No FAP (female perspective):

No FAP for Women Explained:

Are in a relationship? Of course you can try no fapping, but also test your natural sexual desires and don’t always rush to have sex as soon as you feel sexual energy rising… challenge it, hold it… and let it build a little.

Let us all slow down. Love and Knowledge to you all.